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Illogical biased restrictions on Ganesh Chaturthi by Mr. Jagan Mohan Reddy lead AP Government

Sad to see the intervention of High Court for granting the celebration of a renowned festival in a state, fisted by its own government.

It's hard hitting truth that current Andhra Pradesh government, lead by YSRCP leader Mr. Jagan Mohan Reddy, is graving for religious controversies since it's been into power from 2019. Especially on the Hindu religious beliefs. Be it the destruction of Hindu idols or the religious conversions in saffron pilgrimages. Till date there is no clear official press note on the reasons or the fellows behind it. YSRCP leaders turned it into a political spark with no steps to ensure the religious beliefs of a major section. Later covid pandemic helped them to turn the plates to a much larger eye.

Now Mr. Jagan Mohan came up with biased restrictions on one of the largely celebrated Hindu festival, Ganesh Chaturthi on the tag of Covid restrictions. He ordered his state people, not to put Ganesh idols in public places. The celebrations should be individual in their homes. No Ganesh idol immersions in the state. The order is even extended for arresting the street workers who sale Ganesh idols in the market and whose livelihood depends largely on the festival day. This decision impacts other daily workers too whose earnings may add up on festival days.

To our surprise, there was a large gathering by YSRCP political cadre and leaders including Mr.Jagan Mohan Reddy and it's president Y.S. Vijayamma on September 2nd on the occasion of Late Sri. Y S Rajasekhara Reddy's death anniversary. No covid safety measures were followed on that event by the same Andhra Pradesh people representatives.

Image credit: The Siasat Daily

All the recreational centres are opened within the covid safety measures including cinema halls, malls and restaurants. In earlier months, celebrations of other religious festivals were done in the same state. No such restrictions were imposed on a separate from the state government. These biased decision by the state government irked the Hindus largely. As per AP government, wearing masks in public places was made mandatory and with fine of Rs.100 , if found with no mask. But rules are being broken by the same makers with no masks in public gatherings.

If the people's government has really taken this decision on account of safety measures, they should have declared it way back at least 2 months before the idol workers start their work. Not just after finishing the CM's father death anniversary. Other states had allowed the idols with limitations on crowd gatherings, but didn't stopped it's people from breaking their religious proceedings. Neither it's neighboring state Telangana is a part of such action.

Jagan's government should respect every religious proceedings and act if it really want to win it's state people. It will be appreciated if he had done a pilot of restricts with in his own community actions and lead an example.



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