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News is a fact! Neither a theory nor a game of entertainment

One of my friend asked me recently " Dude! which news channel you trust these days?" I went with my instinct. "Do we really have a news channel ?"

In the contemporary digital era, it's being hard to find a flag bearer in terms of 4th estate. Their explicit advocacy is in the shadows of political parties. The media houses are in the race of TRP. They are mastering in masking the facts with their own theories to run a show of entertainment.

There was a time where press and news media played a prominent role in making the nation literate about other side of the walls with their powerful writings. Even was a respectable weapon in the freedom of struggle for Independence, with no fence. Now that pen is in the hands of political favors.

A news where it should be an informative, imperative and revelatory with in the lines of national integrity, is loosing its soul. The show runners are in the exercise of hypnotizing the viewers, with their ideology, theories and interest of benefits. They are acting as a key for the masterminds to overshadow the issues of common man who are in the race of survival of the fittest, with their useless topics.