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Who Killed My Father

3 : The Night at Pub


The pub is packed with financial elites. The milieu is colorful. Band of light waves are travelling from one corner to another corner of the walls, suffusing the cheeks of contenders. Few young minds are busy in tasting the collection of alcohols, while others in inhaling the illegal white powders. Siri, Karthik and their common friends are also a part of these junkies.

Karthik and Siri are dancing on a gaudy floor along with other infatuated couples. Rishi and other common friends of young lovers are busy in gulping the cocktails. The flashes illuminating the love birds who are so close to each other in their dance position. Stretched their clubbed right palms forwards and left palms upward, almost in a right angle position. Karthik romancing with Siri eyes. The duo not interested in any other beings. After few moments, as if there is an involuntary approval, Karthik took her to a corner with less walkers. Kept his right hand around her waist and pulled her to his close, smooched her sliding all over Siri. She allowed Karthik to take control of her.

To their discomfort, one of their common friend, Sam, holding a beer in his hand, walked into them breaking their romance.

"Oops! I'm sorry." Sam exclaimed.

Karthik stopped kissing Siri, who was a bit embarrassed with Sam's entry.

"Continue! Continue!" with a sneaky smile, the boozer left from there.

Siri and Karthik looked at each other and grinned.


"They are romancing" Sam blabbed to his dipsomaniac friends.

Every sounded "mmmm"

"Since an year, I'm telling Karthik to discuss with his dad about Siri. This stupid has no guts. Infront of us, he is an angry man. But in front of his dad, he is just a fraidy cat" - Rishi extended. He is the only non alcoholic among them.

Varun - "It seems to me that Karthik will pulp and throw Siri."

To the reflex of Varun's statement, a bottle of beer hit Varun's head from Karthik's hand, who heard Varun from a distance of 10 steps. Varun plunged onto the floor. Blood oozed out of the slashed head.

Pub got hushed. Every eyes turned towards the raged Karthik. But his focus is only on Varun. With an aim for one more hit, Karthik ran into Varun. But Rishi and Sam stopped him.

"Karthik, please ignore him. He has no intention to his drunken words", Rishi trying to restrain his best friend.

"I don't care whether he is drunk or not. He blathered about Siri", Karthik tried to justify his action. Looked at Siri.

"Do you believe what he said?"

"No!" replied the scared Siri.

Karthik stared at Siri with woe. Siri was in a state angst.

"I'll go to dad right now and tell him about our love."

There was a nod of disapproval from Siri.

"I should do it my love. To prove all these fuckers how much I love you".

Siri came close to Karthik and hugged him tightly.

"Not now Karthik. I know how much you love me. No need to prove any one."

Karthik gently pulled away Siri with a disagree and walked out of pub. On the way to exit, he grabbed an opened packet of white powder from a stranger. Inhaled it on his way out.

Siri immediately followed Karthik. Cried out for Karthik. But he ignored her and drove the car alone.

Siri called for a taxi parked at the pub, where it's driver was awaiting for a profitable ride as his routine. She pursued Karthik's car in the taxi.

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